Tony Hsieh: Entrepreneur, Community Builder

Tony Hsieh

Much coverage of Tony Hsieh’s legacy has been, deservedly, about his business success. After all, Tony’s incredible track record in leading Zappos has been hailed by corporate and leadership experts for creating a fanatical company culture passionately committed to teamwork and customer service in a way that powered sustained growth over his 21 year tenure […]

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Why Government Job-Growth Initiatives Fail to Produce Results

US Capitol Building

The following is adapted from More Good Jobs. When a city struggles to create jobs, citizens tend to turn to the government to fix the problem. Politicians then attempt to allocate tax dollars for economic development or pass laws and regulations with the intent of stimulating job growth. However, as voters and taxpayers, we have […]

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Vote, then find your tribe to drive change that matters

US Capitol

As a newbie author, I am finding lots of exposure opportunities to spread the message of More Good Jobs through the expanding medium of podcasting. Each podcast interview I’ve been invited to has been interesting and generated great discussion. Enough so that now we’re working on putting show notes on the More Good Jobs press […]

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Why Do Innovative Companies Consume So Much Startup Capital?

coin jar spilling coins

The following is adapted from More Good Jobs Imagine walking into a startup meetup and asking the first founder you meet why private capital matters for startups. If they’re like most founders, they will look at you with a blank stare of silent confusion. Asking a founder why capital matters is like asking a fish […]

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The Innovation Economy is Today’s Top Job Creator

paper airplanes

The following is adapted from More Good Jobs. While manufacturing will always have a significant place in the US economy, globalization and rapid advances in technology have dethroned the former top job creator. Today, it isn’t factories lowering unemployment—it’s what I call the Innovation Economy.  An Innovation Economy Company is a business whose product or […]

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